Measures to Put in Place to Prevent Electronic Health Records Fraud

The use of technology has been embraced in the health care sector because of the proficiency it brings in the handling of a patient and their data as well, however, there are bad characters who are misusing it. One of the most commonly used software in the health sector is the EHR program which many health facilities are using. Recently, there has been a big number of fraud cases being reported committed as a result of the use of electronic health care records software by fraudsters. In this article, you will learn some of the measures to put in place to prevent electronic health records fraud.

There is a need for having strict measures on copy-pasting practices on all documents. The use of copy and paste can create replicas of the same information in several documents, a dishonest employee can take advantage of that and use the replica records for selfish reasons, you have policies on when they should use copy and paste. Let your employees refrain for the use of copy-pasting unless it is indispensable.

You need to put in place some internal control systems for auditing the operations of the EHR software. There should be an approach in your healthcare facility where you can easily audit the logs of every user of the software, here the logging passwords, time and date are captured. You can easily tell the user who keyed in the wrong details in the EHR software whenever there is an inconsistency of the data or any unusual pattern by checking on the logs being audited.

You need to have tough access controls on the EHR software. Since the EHR system captures delicate information about your healthcare facility activities as well as those of the patients, it important that you restrict the accessibility to the system. To safeguard your EHR software from unauthorized access, you need to put in place several verification steps of the users, it should also have an onetime logging password which expires after 5 to 10mins of being unused. This is the best measures to ensure that fraudsters don’t get easy time in committing their crimes on the system.

The patients should also have the freedom to report any activity to find abnormal within the health facility especially with their records and insurance deductions. Your patients who are your customers should report any abnormal charges on their health insurance covers especially when they are charged for services they did not receive from the healthcare facility. the patients visiting your facility can also help in preventing fraud through the EHR software when they are involved.

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